Passage to Manhood FAQ

Can I bring more than one son?

Yes, we do allow it, but we don't recommend it as highly as bringing one son at a time. Connecting one heart to one heart is what really grows a relationship.

What are the high adventure activities?

We can't guarantee what our activites will be each year, but we typically do an all-day mountain-bike ride, and challenging rock climbing and rappelling.

How scary are the adventures?

Our high adventure activities will definitely get your blood pumping, but no one will be pushed into anything they don't feel comfortable doing. We will encourage you to be adventurous, but most of all we want you to have a great time.

How physically fit do I need to be?

Our adventures are designed so that almost anyone can participate. Of course, the better shape you are in, the more fun you will have.

What are the age limits for the adventures?

Our minimum recommended age is 15, and there is no maximum age. Many of the sons are mid to late teens, though on our adventures we may have 25, 35 even 45 year old sons attend with their fathers.

How big are the adventures?

We keep the group small so that we can have a more powerful experience together. We generally limit the roster to about 12 sets of fathers and sons for each camp.

Can you help me in my struggle to have a healthy relationship with my son?

It is hard to make promises because so much depends on the participants' commitment to courageous action. We anticipate the time will be blessed with an abundance of success in building strong, healthy relationships.

Could I attend with a young person I am mentoring?

We describe our adventures as father and son, but we welcome and encourage the attendance of committed mentors and their protégés.

Would this be something for me and my son-in-law to enjoy together?

We encourage that fathers and their sons-in-law attend. It is a great way to invest in the parents of your grandchildren.

What is your cancellation policy?

For the Passage event we require a $600 deposit to hold your spot. $300 of that is refundable prior to April 1st. After April 1st the $600 is non-refundable.

What happens after I register?

After you register you should quickly receive an acknowledgement email with three next steps.  The first of those steps is to download the release form, sign it, and mail it back to us.  If we don't receive it prior to your arrival at camp we will ask you to sign it upon arriving.  Here is the link where you can download the Waiver Form.

A second step is to send in your deposit (along with your signed waiver form) to reserve your spot at camp.  The last step is to follow another link to a registration details form in which we ask for some details about you and your son so that we can have all of the equipment ready for your adventure... this includes your and your son's height and shoe size.

After your payment is received we will send a copy of "Raising a Modern Day Knight", which you may wish to read ahead of time. This is not required reading, nor is its material heavily relied upon during our adventure, but it does speak to many of the themes we will be exploring in our week together.