Leader Bios

Mike Haddorff
executive director and teaching leader

Mike is a Colorado native, small business owner, avid adventure cyclist, and founder of Christ In The Rockies. He has a passion for learning and applying Scripture and faith lessons into life’s many adventures. For years Mike has led men’s Bible studies helping others deal biblically with the struggles men face in their careers, relationships, and personal faith journeys. He has been married to Sandra for 38 years and has raised four children.

Brad Fightmaster
board member, climbing guide, and safety specialist

Brad is a forth generation Coloradoan and enjoys numerous outdoor activities both winter and summer. He has been married for 30 years and is a father of four grown children. Upon receiving his bachelors degree in biology from CSU Brad continued on in Fort Collins to become a firefighter for Poudre Fire Authority in 1992 and is still doing that today. His passion in ministry is with family and marriage.

Dave Brown
board member, teacher, and administrivialist

Dave has lived in the Fort Collins area since 1960 and graduated from the CSU College of Business. He and Betty, his bride of over 45 years, have one son, Ryan; one daughter, Wendy; and five grandchildren. Retired from an eclectic list of business pursuits, he also loves a deep study of both the Hebrew and the Greek etymologies of Scripture. Dave is both thrilled and humbled to serve with the CITR crew. He assists with a number of CITR’s support and administrative functions, and is also very blessed to sometimes assist Mike in a teaching role.

Tim FitzGerald
board member

Tim has thirty years of executive sales and sales management experience in the enterprise software market with his own start-up, and pre-IPO and post-IPO companies. He is currently with ServiceMax as a Global Account Manager. Tim and his wife Jean of 25 years live in Atlanta and they have two children; Kaitlin who attends Georgia State University and Ryan who attends University of Georgia. Tim and Jean have been members of North Point Community Church for 12 years. In addition to CITR, Tim is active with High Tech Ministries in Atlanta and Integrated Community Ministries in Appalachian Kentucky.

Bob Vomaske
board member and gourmet lunch chef

Bob Vomaske serves as the CEO of Vista Solutions Corporation, a technology company based in Colorado. Before acquiring Vista Solutions, Bob worked for Hewlett-Packard Company providing both business and technical leadership in a large corporate environment. His background and expertise are in the development of highly productive work cultures in field-based technical environments. His skills as an entrepreneur and business leader have successfully guided Vista Solutions to achieve sustainable growth over the past 10 plus years.

Beyond the office, Bob has a lifelong commitment to serving at-risk kids and building stronger families in our community and around the world. It is an honor to be of service to the Christ In the Rockies Organization.

Darrell Schoenig
past board member, cycling leader, and spud cannon designer

An entrepreneur since his youth, Darrell has successfully launched six companies, including Ultimate Support Systems, Inc., designing and manufacturing stands for the music and bicycle industries. He recently designed a portable dental system for delivering dental care to underserved peoples living in remote villages and which serves as a door opener for Christian ministries worldwide. He holds a B.S. in Physical Science from Colorado State University. He has been married to Susan for over 25 years and they have three children. Darrell loves adventure sports, and has served on the board of Christ In The Rockies since its inception until 2016.

Jon Lachelt
past board member and climbing leader

Jon has been rock climbing since graduating from college in 1985, and was thrilled to be invited to share his passion in the ministry of CITR. He especially loves introducing new climbers to the sport and is in the process of opening a new indoor climbing facility. He has been married to his wife Karen for over 25 years and is a father to four girls (yes, part of his motivation for participating in CITR is to get his testosterone fix).